A new take on the delights of coffee…

On a recent daily run to my local coffee shop, I came away with a little more than I bargained for…a cup full of used ground coffee and a promise to try out ‘the best body scrub ever’…So a few hours later, I’m standing in the bathroom scrubbing away with handfuls of coffee mixed with honey. It has to be the messiest, smelliest, most awkward body scrub I’ve ever attempted. But, despite the coffee stuck to the bathroom walls, the coffee shop scent from the bathroom and a very bemused other half…true to promise from the lovely barbarista, I was left with the most amazingly soft, silky skin. The coffee exfoliates like nothing else I’ve ever tried…and it’s free. So the next time you’re using your cafetiere, drain well, put the used coffee in a tub and leave in the fridge until you’re ready to use. Add a couple of teaspoons of honey, and you’re ready to go.  Try to leave the coffee on for a few minutes as it’s a great cellulite buster.

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