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Turkey Picatta

The other white meat It is already Friday and we are closing out week two of the kids summer holidays. We have swam, rode horses, played soccer, raced bikes, had a basketball brawl with the neighbourhood kids and been camping. The food has been flying in through the back door, barely having time to be […]


Make Me Some Quiche

  For The Love of Cheese… Cheese, eggs, milk, bacon, onions and pastry. With the exception of pastry I’ll bet that you almost always have these ingredients in your fridge and pantry. You can cheat too. Buy the frozen pasty and once you try this recipe one time, I am certain it will be one […]

O'Gratin's Spuds

O’Gratin Spuds

Picture 1 Tuna

Tuna Salad: Light & Lively

  Do you eat enough fish? Living on an island with a plethora of fish swimming all around us, you would be gobsmacked to see the statistics on how much fish us Irish-Islanders are not eating.   Yes, not eating. And, if we are eating fish, most of us opt for the breaded and battered ‘Donegal […]