Hillary Thompson. Picture: Keith Wiseman

My life…Hilary Thompson

Hilary Thompson has been working in the modelling industry for three decades. LIMERICKnow  caught up with Hilary to chat about the challenges that face her industry at the moment and get her style tips for this season’s trends. How did you get involved in the modelling industry? Modelling and fashion always attracted me. In my […]

Conservatory Furniture available from Interio

Bring Your Home Outdoors

Given the winter that we have all endured, it’s somewhat a relief to start thinking about the outdoors again. As we wait for it to warm up, we can edge closer to the outdoors and in particular, the conservatory. Here are a few ideas on how to get the most out of your conservatory. Choosing […]


Sex and the city…how it changed us

My first taste of  ‘Sex and the City’ was the ‘Tantric Workshop Episode’, back in the late 90s. Unaware of the title of the series, I’m enjoying it; it’s colourful, fast-paced, smart, witty. The women are beautiful, fabulous clothes. Next scene, the girls are at the workshop where a woman is demonstrating on an old […]

fashion blog

Fashionable Blogging

Fashion blogging has been quietly bubbling under the mainstream fashion scene for quite some time now, but of late it seems that anyone worth their fashion salt has gotten themselves their very own fashion blog. I too have hopped on the blogging bandwagon; posting my ‘looks’ on the ‘collective fashion conscious’ that is Lookbook. This […]

shape shop copy

Shop for your shape

We all have parts of our bodies we love and parts we’d rather hide. That should be the bottom line when shopping. Forget about getting caught up in the hard and fast rules and start looking at the shape of your clothes more closely. If your figure is pretty much straight up and down, then […]

Sarah Healy


Fashion and art collided recently with some interesting results in the form of FASHIOnATION. This photographic collaboration is the brainchild of the Visual Communication final year students at Limerick School of Art and Design who took a college project and turned it into one of the city’s most exciting exhibitions to date. Twenty-nine students from […]


Artist of the month…Isabelle Gaborit

A deceptively utilarian-looking old Mill building in Corrandulla is home to French-born artist Isabelle Gaborit. She lives with her husband and three-year-old daughter, Anú, in one of the four-storey apartments in the Mill – and is young enough for her knees not to feel the effects of all those stairs! Mine aren’t. Isabelle tucked her […]

Girlie Getaways 1

Girlie Getaways

What is it we love so much about hanging out with our girlfriends? The incessant chatter, the stomach-clenching laughs, the support, the flowing wine…There’s nothing like spending some quality time with your mates, but it’s something fewer and fewer of us are finding the time to do. Do yourself a favour and book some real […]


The Secret to True Success

They say confidence is the companion of success, so how would you react if someone were to ask you this question: are you successful?  For a lot of people success conjures up the image of the rich, the famous and the powerful. In reality though, this is not what true success is about at all. […]

Get to the point…

George Bernard Shaw once said ‘The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.’   And that’s the thing about communicating: you say things that you think are crystal clear, only to find that people have completely misunderstood what you meant. This is because communication is more than words. Your tone, body- […]