Eat Well, Travel Well

Our travel writer Aoibheann McNamara heads to Spain for a taste of the macrobiotic life Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante in Southern Spain was the perfect antidote to the howling wind and rain of Galway post Christmas. Sha is a world-renowned clinic that focuses on improving and lengthening people’s lives through a combination of Western […]

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Rant | Waist Size

According to the radio, I am officially overweight, and at risk of developing cancer, unless I do something drastic to change my eating habits.  Ok, don’t want that; need to make some serious changes.  Porridge in the morning – that’s not bad; salad at lunchtime, nothing too offensive there.  Hmmm, maybe I could skip dinner […]

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The Merrion | In Focus

India Roller

India | In Focus

Cruise Control Roller

Cruise Control

Since the Love Boat days the cruise ‘vacation’ has evolved dramatically and with more Irish holidaymakers than ever opting for cruise packages (1 in every 15 holiday packages sold in Ireland is a cruise) just what is it that makes a cruise so appealing to travelers?As a first time cruiser embarking on my maiden voyage […]

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Eating Light

Have you ever been curious to find out how slim, healthy people stay slim and healthy? Aoibheann McNamara shows us how it’s done. I have done it all. Week long fasting, colonics, food combining, ayurvedic analysis, chewing techniques, eating for blood types, high level vitamin supplements, liver flushes. You name it, I have tried it. […]

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Charity Champions

Volunteering has long been part and parcel of Irish culture. We’re a giving bunch, whether it’s checking on an elderly neighbour or standing outside the local church in the wilds of winter, bucket in hand collecting for the latest community project. Gráinne McMahon meets ten ladies who are giving something back to the community, both […]

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The Book Club Bash

The Book Club Bash I’ve promised myself never to join a book club. Never again, that is. Now this may seem odd coming from a person with an obsession for reading. Thing is though, I’ve discovered that book clubs are not really about reading books, are they? My first book club was on foot of […]

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A new sensation…

A record deal with music giants Universal, an appearance on TV3 and over 100,000 views on YouTube – those are just some of the things that Limerick’s newest pop sensation, Raquel Rocca, has achieved in a few short months. Raquel was introduced to the world of show business early in life, attending Spotlight Stage School […]

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Not Just Romance – Love Of My Life

There is one time of year when everything turns heart-shaped. Think of February, and one thing comes to mind; Valentine’s Day and all its’ trimmings – from passionate encounters to romantic rendezvous to simply celebrating the one that you love. And showing that loving appreciation doesn’t have to be for a partner; Gráinne McMahon meets […]