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Ard Bia Dahl Recipe

Ard Bia’s Delectable Dahl


In Focus: Ard Bia

…an exceptional experience If there’s one thing that Ard Bia & Nimmos restaurant has in abundance, it’s atmosphere. That, a host of lovely staff, food to die for and a wine list worthy of the top class food. Set on the edge of the Spanish Arch in what is possibly the most adorable building in […]

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Taste Explosion

Treat your senses to an explosion of taste with some healthy recipes from Ard Bia and Nimmos   Wild garlic, nettle and St Tola feta Bastilla with garlic yoghurt and harissa Pastilla or Bastilla (pronounced “bastiyya”‎), is an elaborate meat pie traditionally made of squab (fledgling pigeons). As squabs are often hard to get, shredded […]

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Eating Light

Have you ever been curious to find out how slim, healthy people stay slim and healthy? Aoibheann McNamara shows us how it’s done. I have done it all. Week long fasting, colonics, food combining, ayurvedic analysis, chewing techniques, eating for blood types, high level vitamin supplements, liver flushes. You name it, I have tried it. […]